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Unicorn makeup brushes

Опубликовано: 24.04.2017

видео unicorn makeup brushes

UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES! OMG! Review & Demo | Unicorn Lashes UK

Last year, the beauty-lovin’ internet understandably lost its mind over unicorn makeup brushes. When the faux-horn brushes were released in rose gold, it just мейд us want ‘em more. But now it’s 2017, and the internet is set to go nutso over mermaid makeup brushes.

Brought to us by the same fine folks over at UnicornLashes who brought us the unicorn brushes, these mermaid versions aren’t quite available yet, but in a now-deleted Instagram post (which was picked up and shared by others) we get a peek at what’s coming.

Four brushes are featured in the apparent plans, all amazingly colorful and totally detailed. Seriously, they’re practically works of art, though some may find them a little too realistic to use (er, if mermaids were real, of course). But the fishy tails certainly are something you might expect to see in the live-action Little Mermaid movie, no doubt.

Remember though, if these mermaid makeup brushes end up being as popular as the unicorn versions, they’ll sell out FAST, so keep an eye out and order ASAP.

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(h/t Pop Sugar)

Unicorn Makeup Brushes Demo & Review! | JkissaMakeup


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